Here at Country Cottage & Gardens we don’t want to put a limit on your imagination. Our in house florist is available to talk to you specifically about your flowers and decorations. We can take your ideas and put together whatever you would like at discounted rates.

Our wedding planning guide will ask general questions to get you thinking but be sure to search through pictures to find something that speaks to you and we will coordinate your flowers with the rest of your wedding for an amazing theme.

Our florist can match your flowers for your entire wedding and reception, including Bridal Bouquets, Archway, Walkways, Centerpieces, Miscellaneous flower arrangements, accents and much more.

Our florist has years of experience in the wedding business with very specific knowledge of the property, giving her a unique edge for decorating your wedding.

Working with our in house Florist will allow you greater specialization, more creativity, a larger amount of flowers, and all at half the price of independent florists.

Part of our services here at Country Cottage & Gardens is a full staff for your wedding. Rest easy knowing we will be working hard to decorate and set up your wedding.

“Isn’t it nice to know that for your wedding day you won’t have to lift a finger? Except, of course, your ring finger!”