Frequently Asked Questions

What time should we have our rehearsal?

It should be the same time as the wedding. Then you will know what to expect for lighting.

Also, you might want to tell your bridal party to come a half hour earlier than the time scheduled to ensure everyone is here.

Where should we park?

All members of the bridal party and VIP, should park by the Contemporary & Mooselips Cottages.

Please park in a single file line against the trees and do not block any main drives. We do also have signs that we put at the end of the road directing your guests to our location.

What time should we arrive the day of the wedding and when should we have our vendors arrive?

You can arrive and start getting ready as early as 10am.

However, we recommend that any members of your bridal party or VIP should be here by an hour and a half before the ceremony because we block the entrance to ensure there are no unnecessary cars parked by the estate

If someone in the bridal party or VIP should arrive after the roadblock is up, please let us
know and we can allow them to come up.

All vendors should be here no later than an hour prior to the wedding.

Our management staff arrives at 10:00 am, if you should need anything or have any questions when you are here please let us know.

What cottage do the Groom & Groomsmen get ready in and who uses the other cottages?

The Groom & Groomsmen typically get ready in the Cottage Suite. It is centrally located and has easy access if the men should need something from the cottage.

However, they can choose to get ready in any of the cottages. The remaining two cottages are up to you to decide who stays in them if anyone would like to rent them.

There is a limit of four guests per cottage. They are set to accommodate couples, so air mattresses might be needed. If you do not have any, please let us know and we can provide some for you.

What time is check out?

Our check out time is 1:00pm. We will organize all of the items you brought for your wedding and have them ready for you in the estate house and/or the buffet counter top in the reception site.

When should we drop off the alcohol and do you have space to keep it cold?

You can bring your alcohol when you come for your rehearsal. If you are bringing cold bottles or cans of beer, we do have space in a refrigerator to keep them cold.

If you are bringing a keg, you will need to provide a tub to keep it in with ice and a blanket to keep it insulated. We also have some space to store some extra bags of ice you may bring for your alcohol.

When should we schedule our main appointments?


After you reserve your date, you should book any vendors you know you would like for sure. Then start looking online and through magazines to get sample pictures to show us what you envision for your wedding.

Six months prior to the wedding you should schedule an appointment to go over decorations and flowers.


Four months prior we will set up an appointment to go over catering. Start thinking about what kind of food you would like, flavors and atmosphere.

One month prior we will have a meeting to sum up all details of the decorations, flowers, catering and vendors. Keep in mind these are the main appointments we require.

If you would like to schedule an appointment at any time to go over any items, please let us know and we can schedule that.