We strive to offer the best possible service and the cheapest possible rate, for that reason, Country Cottage & Gardens weddings are very reasonable.

We are a fully inclusive Wedding Venue so it’s often very difficult to answer the question of “How much will my wedding cost?” without having a chance to meet with you to see what kind of wedding you want.

Most weddings cost between $62.00-$100.00 per person for everything.

Pricing includes all vendors, rentals, services, catering, decorations, taxes, etc. This is just an average and that number can obviously fluctuate depending on the options you choose.

Our pricing would include nearly every element of your wedding from start to finish except cakes, dress, and tuxedo rentals.

We lock in our current rates when we receiveyour down payment. Because our business is always growing and improving, our end-product is improving …if you wait too long rates may increase!

Things that will influence your pricing:

Guest Count

Most averages are based on the guest count of your wedding. When you have a larger wedding, your per-person cost will decrease.

Menu & Decorations

If you choose our high end menus and decorations your wedding price will increase. Most of our basic packages are very reasonable and go up from there. Even our basic packages will be a beautiful and all-inclusive wedding.


Vendors will offer a variety of options and degrees of service. We will work with you to choose the vendors and options that will fit within your budget.

If you have a desired budget than we will work hard to hit the number you would like (within reason). Our Wedding Experts are very good at planning weddings and picking options that will work for you!


Minimum on Wedding Season Saturdays: $7,000.00

Off-season/Sunday Package Minimum: $4,500.00

Ceremony Only Minimum: $1,200.00

Minimums include all pricing (catering, vendors, rentals, decorations)

Additional Cottage Rentals:

Fri/Sat/Sun- $175.00 per cottage, per night

Weekdays- $150.00 per cottage, per night