Wedding Planning Services

Our wedding planning service sets us apart from the rest!

When you sign up for a wedding here you become like part of the family. We will get to know you and start planning your wedding right away. After your first appointment we will have a good head start in planning your wedding. From there we will keep you on path with appointments and emails.

Let us take care of everything. We will book your vendors, reserve all rentals, coordinate meetings and more. Your only job will be to tell us what you want and we will get it done.

“Your only job will be to tell us what you want and we will get it done.”

All the way up till the day of your wedding we will be helping you through everything. The day of your wedding you can expect us to be putting things in place and coordinating everything for you. It’s our goal to make sure that we know what it is you wanted and make sure that you get it.

The day after your wedding we will even pack up your stuff and have you organized for your first day as husband and wife. One important and useful part of our wedding planning process is the Country Cottage & Gardens Wedding Planning Guide.

This guide is an up to date manual that covers EVERY aspect of your wedding here at Country Cottage & Gardens. It will include all things we offer and discussed as well as all preferred vendors that we work with.

You can guarantee that if you have a question, then this book will answer it.

Meet Your Wedding Professionals

Chef Eric Zamudio

Chef Eric Zamudio

Operations Manager & Chef

Contact Eric directly withquestions on menu, rehearsal dinners, equipment, food service, or general comments or suggestions.

(330) 343-9374

Monica Zamudio

Monica Zamudio

Wedding Planner

Contact Monica directly with questions on vendors, guest count, decorations, or invoicing & billing.

(440) 223-1489